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April 2014 News

Cullman Fiber Guild Membership See the Membership Form button on the right of this page. In addition to asking for your contact information, you’ll have the opportunity to indicate your fiber interests and your interest in serving on a committee. Even if you’re not able to serve on a committee this year, please return the Membership Form to let us know what kind of workshops you want. Members will be able to pre-register for workshops earlier than non-members.

Standing Rule # 1: There shall be no membership dues. Donations will be solicited at each meeting and workshop. Membership shall begin when a person gives a completed Membership Form to the Membership Committee. Members must submit a completed Membership Form each year. You may bring your completed Membership Forms to any meeting, or e-mail information to CullmanFiber

Calendar of Events

Sat April 26 Making Paper

Sat May 17 Natural Dyeing

Sat June 28 Macrame

Sat July 26 Spinning

Pre-Registering for Workshops

Please pre-register for workshops by sending e-mail to CullmanFiber Pre-registering will help the leaders provide enough supplies, equipment and copies of the handouts.

2014 Workshop Schedule See the 2014 Workshops button on the right of this screen.

Please Share the News About the Cullman Fiber Guild

We are looking forward to new learning opportunities and meeting new fiber friends. At each meeting, we have a different group of people. Thanks to all who have given information on the Cullman Fiber Guild to new folks. That is the way the Cullman Fiber Guild will grow.

Join Us Today

The Cullman Fiber Guild has been meeting regularly since April 2010. On January 25, we adopted Bylaws and Standing Rules. On February 22, we elected the first officers. So, we really are just beginning!

To receive the full newsletter at no charge by e-mail, send a request to CullmanFiber

Permission to Copy The Cullman Fiber Guild grants permission to copy articles from this newsletter as long as the source of the article is included

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